I will advocate for YOU!

Although all Santa Rosa City Council members act in the best interest of the city at-large, as YOUR district’s elected representative, you come first! From the Chanate development to affordable housing and homelessness, I will be your voice on the City Council. I look forward to working with you and for you!

We need our neighbors back!

Rebuilding is harder than it sounds.  I have the time, energy, and experience to keep the city focused on our rebuilding needs. We have thousands of people temporarily housed, from residents of Fountaingrove to residents of Journey’s End. We need to get people back home again.

The future is here and we don’t have room for it!

For at least a decade, we have created jobs in Santa Rosa but failed to provide a place for workers to live. We added 10,000 more jobs than homes! We need to build housing of all kinds – affordable and market rate – without risking the character of our neighborhoods, our environment or our open spaces.


I support the housing bond. I support high density transit-oriented development focused primarily in the downtown core. I will work to create the greatest possible benefit from housing bond funds. I am experienced with many facets of housing, from mortgage finance to managing and renovating properties. I understand the financial and practical issues of housing creation, so voting for me is voting for housing development.

Concerts and kids in the parks, not encampments!

Homelessness is a complicated issue, one that will require laser focus on compassionate solutions for people who are homeless as well as resources to provide services. It is time to get back to basics and protect the jewel Santa Rosa is. We have spent countless dollars improving public spaces such as the Joe Rodota Trail – and now we are afraid to use them!

I am proposing a comprehensive plan to address homelessness by:

  • Reducing the concentration of services in Santa Rosa. Today, Santa Rosa is a magnet for the homeless because most homeless services are in Santa Rosa. All cities in the county need to share in the responsibility of caring for homeless residents.
  • Coordinating service providers to maximize the effectiveness of the disjointed network of charities and public groups working to end homelessness.
  • Stopping Homelessness before it starts by giving landlords and employers the tools needed to reach out for services on behalf of their tenants or employees.
  • Focusing on the Chronic Homeless – for the environmental and public safety of all of our citizens. Stop the shuffle!
  • Collaborating with the county to make sure we get our fair share of funding for the significant work we are doing to address homelessness, especially for our veterans.

Sound financial footing for the future of Santa Rosa

There is a $14 million deficit in our budget. Our city leaders did a great job seeing us through the Great Recession; just as we were finally wiping the sweat from our collective brows, we were struck by 2017 wildfires. The costs associated with the fires have put a tremendous strain on the city’s budget.


I will study the budget and act as your eyes and ears to make sure we stay focused on priorities and eliminate any non-essential expenditures. I am a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience on budgets. Numbers are a language I am comfortable with.

I am the only candidate for City Council uniquely qualified to address our city’s budgetary challenges.