Meet Dorothy


I grew up in Los Gatos, California. My father was a pharmacist and owned The Corner Drugstore. It was as quaint as it sounds! As one of four siblings, I, like my brothers, grew up working in the family business.

I originally wanted to become a professional clarinetist. After graduating from San Jose State with a degree concentrated on music, I decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. I set my sights on New York City and successfully completed my MBA at Columbia University with honors and continued to play in professional orchestras.

After earning my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate, I returned to California, and have been in Santa Rosa since 1990. After living in San Francisco, Melbourne (Australia), Seattle and New York City, Santa Rosa has been home for nearly thirty years. There is no place like Santa Rosa for natural beauty, a vibrant and growing culture, and a true sense of community.

Professional Experience

Mortgage Technology cover with DorothyI have enjoyed a successful career working in both large and small companies as an executive in banking and finance, and later in systems development. I have built and executed business plans, managed budgets, led massive process re-engineering projects, designed systems for large scale banking applications, and led teams to implement those systems in large banks. Mortgage Technology Magazine featured me as a successful mortgage technology executive, advancing new and creative ideas in the industry. I don’t shy away from complexity and hold firm to the “can do” attitude. I credit my success to three things: first, to my parents who gave me a strong sense of responsibility working in the family business; second, to academic, technical and financial skills honed through years of experience; and finally, discipline and team play from years in musical performance. Teamwork and creativity are my mantras. Nothing is without an answer; creativity and collaboration can solve just about anything.

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Community membersI am dedicated to community and enjoy doing things to help individuals and families. I am most proud of the years I spent mentoring at-risk Santa Rosa teens through a Junior Achievement summer jobs program I organized at North American Mortgage. It was an opportunity to give back to the community and it was a joy to see young people flourish. I currently own rental property and am always delighted to help people set their roots. I have helped people work toward home ownership and am elated to have helped a number of my tenants become homeowners. For years, I have volunteered with United Way helping prepare taxes for free through their Earn It, Keep It, Save It program. Through that program, I co-manage the largest volunteer tax preparation site in the county, where we prepare nearly 2,000 tax returns every year for free. I have spent thousands of hours with community members, which has helped me understand just how difficult it is for many families to make ends meet. I volunteer with and donate to the 6th Street Playhouse and help them design fundraising initiatives for theater arts education programs. I feel strongly that the performing arts foster team play, heart, and discipline. The arts are absolutely formative and everyone should have access to this experience.


Stephanie is my partner; we have been together for 22 years. We have been part of her kids’ lives, from weddings to births and all the life experiences that define families. We are the proud grandmothers to seven grand-kids, the eldest of whom is now in the U.S. Air Force! We are both Democrats.

Why Dorothy?

I have the time to focus on the job of serving Santa Rosa. I have decades of real-life experience solving complex issues. I possess deep financial and management skills. I understand the complexity of the issues we face. I believe we can get it done if we work together.

I want to get busy and be part of our community’s solutions. We all look forward to the day when there is a roof over everyone’s head, as a car or a tent is no way to live. I believe everyone in Santa Rosa should have the opportunity to become financially stable. Furthermore, I look forward to the day when our city is financially stable and can afford the things that make Santa Rosa a beautiful place to live, from great streets to great concerts in the park.

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